Ranscombe Hall of Fame

Welcome to the Ranscombe Studios Hall of Fame where we will feature recent recordings, and an archive of our alumni. The list below contains links to the artists and bands who have recorded at Ranscombe Studios over the years and their reviews of the Studio and Jim’s expertise.

If you have recorded at Ranscombe and are not on this list and would like to be added please contact us. If you are on the list and would like to edit the content on your artist page please contact us. We hope to encourage as many of our artists and friends as possible to contribute to this section.

Anthrax UK – Babar LuckBasement Cat – Ben Jones – Billy Childish – Brothers Grimm – Delayed Experience – Didi BergmanFunke and the Two Tone Baby –  Glen Prangnell – Graham Day – HUMM – Jake Boyd – James Taylor Quartet – Jon Stratton – Kris Dollimore – Lupen Crook – Maker – Rosco Levee Band – Sally Ironmonger – Stuart Turner – The Dredgermen – The Galileo 7 – The Kick-Backs – The Len Price 3 – The Lovedays – The Singing LoinsThe Unknown – Theatre Royal – UpCDownC – Vlks – Xylaroo


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