Lancashire Bombers – Into The Sun

Lancashire Bombers

In their quest for sonic production excellence those cheeky northern (and cockney) scamps the ‘Lancashire Bombers’ braved the sunny climes of The Medway Delta to record their eight track debut album ‘Into The Sun’ with Jim and Brendan at the Ranscombes. Watch this space for further updates and snippets… Lancashire Bombers on Facebook


in the warm glow of the idiot lantern … Enjoy this latest from Theatre Royal taken from the forthcoming album Portraits featuring a superb lego stop motion video, recorded at Ranscombe … natch

Hagar The Womb

Hagar the Womb first used Ranscombe when we recorded our 2016 single Hated By The Daily Mail (split with Anthrax) for Grow Your Own Records, and a track Showing Off for the GYO compilation Birds Of A Feather, Flock Together. We returned last year to record the tracks for our just released 10” EP Hagitate, also on GYO. We are painfully unrehearsed because we are all scattered around the country and can’t … Read more

The Claim – Shindig Review

THE CLAIM – The New Industrial Ballads – **** “Long-awaited” may be a knackered old cliche but no one can deny The Claim’s first new album in over 30 years is exactly that. Hot on the heels of their recently re-released “lost” masterpiece Boomy Tella, this belated follow up is confirmation – if any were needed – that The Claim were always rather special. Fans of old will love it. Now freed … Read more

Timeless Resolve – Jumped Up Pantry Boy Review

Generally, I’m not a fan of comebacks. Sure, there are exceptions – Johnny Cash, the Go-Betweens, the Wild Swans, off the top of my head – but for every unexpectedly great later work, there are many which make you wish an artist or a group had let their oeuvre be. It tends to be the case that if you stop exercising that song-creating muscle, it’s hard to get it back into the … Read more

Loud Horizon – Theatre Royal Review

Another great review of  the latest Theatre Royal’s  release, Singles 2010-18, by Cee Tee Jackson at Loud Horizon… I can’t believe it’s been nine years since Loud Horizon first featured Medway band, Theatre Royal. At that point, I think they had only produced a couple of rough demos. But even at very embryonic stage, it was very obvious that here was a quality band in the making. A few months later, October 2010, and … Read more

Travellers Tunes – The Claim

The Claim are to release their first album since 1988’s ‘Boomy Tella’ via Turntable Friend Records on May 24th. Release date wise, it’s perfection. Nothing is more British than a bank holiday, as the band they heavily influenced once sang: “Bank holiday comes six times a year Days of enjoyment to which everyone cheers” Recorded at Jim Riley’s Ranscombe Studios in Rochester, they look set to reignite the Medway sound. At the … Read more