in the warm glow of the idiot lantern … Enjoy this latest from Theatre Royal taken from the forthcoming album Portraits featuring a superb lego stop motion video, recorded at Ranscombe … natch

Intangibility. Yearning. Melancholy.

Review re-blog courtesy of the wonderful folks at Intangibility. Yearning. Melancholy. If Theatre Royal had a penny for every instance of reaching for the unreachable, desiring the unobtainable, losing the unwinnable, they would be as rich as kings. Almost inevitably, that won’t happen. And so we come to their latest EP, Incidental Friend. Wistful, regretful, achingly dissatisfied, the four new songs cover familiar Theatre Royal ground. But, as ever, there’s a … Read more

Incidentally …

It’s not very often that a band appears on the music scene, one hundred per cent ‘ready.’ Rochester band Theatre Royal are one. I have been banging about them from virtually day one, and now, ahead of their fifth album release, due early next year, they have confirmed my faith with their excellent new ‘Incidental Friend‘ EP. Read the full Loud Horizon review  here…  

Loud Horizon – Theatre Royal Review

Another great review of  the latest Theatre Royal’s  release, Singles 2010-18, by Cee Tee Jackson at Loud Horizon… I can’t believe it’s been nine years since Loud Horizon first featured Medway band, Theatre Royal. At that point, I think they had only produced a couple of rough demos. But even at very embryonic stage, it was very obvious that here was a quality band in the making. A few months later, October 2010, and … Read more

Review – Theatre Royal, Port Bou

Sometimes, bands can play but lack the human touch and vice versa. Theatre Royal have both, what they’ve lacked is just that little bit of luck. With their new single ‘Port Bou’ though, they have got their breakthrough on day time BBC6… (read more)