Sally Ironmonger


I first met Jim at Glencoe Road Primary School in the mid 1960s and I don’t really remember much about it, but it does mean that we share that Chatham cultural heritage. We walked the same streets, even though we probably saw different things.

I have now recorded 3 albums of songs at Ranscombe Studio with Brian Carter (my husband/co-writer/musical director) and it has always been an amazing and positive experience. Jim becomes a part of the creative process, and a sort of ‘shadow’ member of the band. He guides without directing, he encourages without criticising, he contributes without imposing. I think every session we have ever done at Ranscombe has had a bit of Jim’s magic in the mix – either harmonica, backing vocals, percussion, or whatever else is required.

I am sure Jim will have lots of testimonials about the quality of the production, the analogue, the warmth of the sound, and all that technical stuff which I don’t really understand – I just wouldn’t trust anyone else with my songs.

Sally x