Hagar The Womb

Hagar the Womb first used Ranscombe when we recorded our 2016 single Hated By The Daily Mail (split with Anthrax) for Grow Your Own Records, and a track Showing Off for the GYO compilation Birds Of A Feather, Flock Together. We returned last year to record the tracks for our just released 10” EP Hagitate, also on GYO. We are painfully unrehearsed because we are all scattered around the country and can’t … Read more

Well behaved women rarely make history

Image: Lara Homaidan Hagitation for the Nation Rejuvenated anarcho darlings HAGAR THE WOMB have their new record out just in time for their Rebellionappearance. The six-track Hagitate EP was recorded by Medway legend Jim Riley at Ranscombe Studios in Rochester and is released via Kent DIY label Grow Your Own on 10″ black/red marbled vinyl and CD and is available through Bandcamp and at Rebellion. The six-piece band are arguably even more … Read more