Crow Jayne

 “I have very extensive live but also studio experience, having done quite a lot of session work, hence I can tell straight away whether a certain environment is right or not, which has ZERO(!) to do with the outboard gear and EVERYTHING(!) to do with the people! (i.e. chemistry/sound engineer).

We were looking for a studio to record our debut album and there were a number of strong contenders in & around the London area, with one in particular which I had used in the past and which always yielded great results, however one day someone who I had only just met but who had heard some of the material recommended Ranscombe, adding that Jim Riley in particular would be the perfect person for the band to work with.

I arranged to have a look at the studio and, lo & behold, within five minutes I “knew” Jim was the man for the job, noooooo doubt about it. Honestly, it’s like meeting “the one” in your life, Jim is exactly that person when it comes to music. All pros and no cons, simple as, which very rarely happens, like George Martin/The Beatles, Brian Eno/U2, Rick Rubin/Red Hot Chilli Peppers, you just don’t mess with those combinations, don’t change a thing.

Apart from how great & productive is for Crow Jayne to work with Jim, I can see how beneficial working with Jim can be for the vast majority of artist; he knows how to “listen”, he possesses an encyclopaedic knowledge of Music which allows him to “get” what the artist is all about and help him/her/them get the absolute best results,; oh yeah, and all of that peppered with a great sense of humour!!!

To cut a long story short, myself (and the rest of Crow Jayne) cannot recommend Ranscombe Studios & Jim Riley high enough! More power to him!”
Guy D’Angelo