Seager & Carter

Seager & Carter is a fine and bluesy duo featuring Gary Seager and Terry Carter. They both run their own well-established bands and have been active on the Kent music scene for 20+ years. Gaz plays acoustic and resonator guitars – and also runs Bad Pennies. Terry sings and plays harmonica – and also runs Get Carter. They recorded their promo EP – Making Tracks – at Ranscombe Studio in August 2018. … Read more

Bad Pennies

After recording several demos at Ranscombe Studios, Bad Pennies chose Jim Riley to record their debut album – Songs from the Medway Delta in 2018. A blues rock album with a wide range of styles – from out-and-out rockers to shuffles, minor blues, acoustic and harmonica tracks. Jim Riley captured it all and the result is a signature sound that really represents the band well. ¬†Songs from the Medway Delta has been … Read more