Well behaved women rarely make history

Image: Lara Homaidan Hagitation for the Nation Rejuvenated anarcho darlings HAGAR THE WOMB have their new record out just in time for their Rebellionappearance. The six-track Hagitate EP was recorded by Medway legend Jim Riley at Ranscombe Studios in Rochester and is released via Kent DIY label Grow Your Own on 10″ black/red marbled vinyl and CD and is available through Bandcamp and at Rebellion. The six-piece band are arguably even more … Read more

Kelly Stanley & Company

“I first recorded at Ranscombe when I was just 14 and starting my career as a Singer/Songwriter. I was made to feel so comfortable and confident by Jim and it’s because of this, as well as the incredible quality and attention to detail that I have returned again and again. Most recently our new line up ‘Kelly Stanley & Company’ managed to achieve a 6 track EP in just 2 days at … Read more

The Unknown

The Unknown originally formed in 2013 as 4 friends meeting up at Jam Nights. Practicing covers in a warehouse in Northfleet, the band quickly started writing there own material, and performing them alongside covers around the Gravesend area. In January 2015 we ventured to Jim Riley’s Ranscombe Studios, for our first endeavour in recording, in November 2015 we released our first album “Into the Unknown” with our brand of what I like to … Read more

Basement Cat

our Facebook page www.facebook.com/officialbasementcat our Spotify https://open.spotify.com/album/13oEgRgV4CicAPNBxaAMUo?si=RMjgOv8j and iTunes Listen to Times Are Changing – Single by Basement Cat on @AppleMusic. https://itunes.apple.com/gb/album/times-are-changing-single/id1272280576

Kris Dollimore

http://www.krisdollimore.com/ https://www.facebook.com/kris.dollimore https://myspace.com/krisdollimore

Anthrax UK

Anthrax UK have used Ranscombe Studios for the two singles One Last Drop, and The Beg Society  and our album  All For The Cause. It’s a great place to record, and I think we all commented that Jim and Brendon were quick to recognize what we were looking for, and they just get us! It’s a no brainier, that we will be booking in at least once in 2015, and with the … Read more

Glenn Prangnell

Groovy Uncle first recorded at Ranscombe in January 2014 when we began work on our 4th album, “Persuaded”. From the word go it was obvious the process was going to be a lot of fun and it certainly was. Jim is totally dedicated to his work and has great technical/musical knowledge and intuition as does engineer Brendan Esmonde. Our first Ranscombe recording to be released (prior to the album) was the single … Read more

Jon Stratton

I always enjoy my time at Ranscome with Jim and Brendan. Because I work differently to other artists, it means a lot of unspoken dialogue is spread out – and it is always understood. and every outcome I have total pride in. I look forward to working with them and various soloists every time. Jon https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCTa5avBukepj6wSJuG5H7FA

Stuart Turner

Ten or so years ago I was recommended Ranscombe Studios in Rochester by a friend. He confidently claimed that whatever I wanted to do with whatever it was I was writing, then Jim Riley could make the best of it. Having recorded music in a variety of studios across Kent, all of which resulted in demo tapes that sounded like demo tapes and demo CD’s that sounded like demo tapes, I was … Read more