Lupen Crook

Photo by Sara Norling

In terms of studios, Ranscombe sets the bar for me, not just because of Jim’s expertise and the equipment, but also because of its ambiance.  I believe it’s an atmosphere that cannot be bought, designed, or installed … it’s a quality that only occurs after years on the job, through love and lived-in hard graft, and the result is the type of welcoming warmth, akin to that of old Irish boozers, where blood, sweat and tears have seeped into the walls, a place where you want to hunker down,  get cosy … it feels like home.

For me, that counts for so much. I’ve recorded all manner of things with Jim for over ten years, from live-to-tape acoustic EP’s to more ambitious full length albums, not to mention Jim’s nurturing of creative ambition,  however off-kilter and absurd,  advising me on my own recordings.

The most important thing I’ve learnt from Jim is,  it’s about the performance,  not some ridiculous pursuit of perfection,  and it is this that he captures so well:  the spirit of a band, an artist, a song.

Photo by Sara Norling

Recorded live to tape at Ranscombe