Stuart Turner

Ten or so years ago I was recommended Ranscombe Studios in Rochester by a friend. He confidently claimed that whatever I wanted to do with whatever it was I was writing, then Jim Riley could make the best of it.

Having recorded music in a variety of studios across Kent, all of which resulted in demo tapes that sounded like demo tapes and demo CD’s that sounded like demo tapes, I was instantly impressed by the results of my first foray into the Jim’s sonic bunker. The band I had at the time recorded a bunch of things in quick succession and then split up, but all those recordings are better than the band had a right to sound due to the efforts of Mr Riley. None of them sounded like demo tapes, even if that’s all they were. Jim actually could make a reasonable purse out of our sows ear.

Over the years I have recorded three albums of solo material and four albums and two EP’s with my band Stuart Turner and the Flat Earth Society. These later albums have garnered some pleasing reviews, all of which are down to Jim’s ability to filter our ideas into a coherent sound, no matter how many kitchen sinks I want to throw in, and often his ability to filter out some of my more whimsical ideas, (and God bless him for that.)

We have just finished recording the fourth of these band albums and I think it’s the best thing I personally have ever done. And why? Because of Ranscombe Studios of course and because Jim got us to forget the kitchen sink and play. Live. In the studio. And capture the songs in performance. And in doing so capture something you don’t get everywhere.

So here I am, ten years later, writing to you as I would a friend to recommend Ranscombe Studios to you. Whoever you are.