Seager & Carter

Seager & Carter is a fine and bluesy duo featuring Gary Seager and Terry Carter. They both run their own well-established bands and have been active on the Kent music scene for 20+ years.
Gaz plays acoustic and resonator guitars – and also runs Bad Pennies.
Terry sings and plays harmonica – and also runs Get Carter.

They recorded their promo EP – Making Tracks – at Ranscombe Studio in August 2018.

It’s a ‘simple’ recording – backed up by years of experience and expertise that Jim Riley is rightly known for. Guitar, Vocals and Harmonica were recorded live, in one take – with no repairs or retakes – even the mistakes made it into the mix! The result is a very live-sounding and faithful recording that has been extremely well-received – making a debut at #15 in the UK Independent Blues Broadcasters (IBBA) Top 40, chosen in several blues shows ‘pick of the year’ shows at the end of 2018.

Response from venues and festivals has been excellent too with the duo getting invited to appear at multiple cool events around Kent and London.
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