Graham Day

I’ve known Jim for over 30 years, seeing him play live was one of the inspirations for me starting a band. I’ve recorded several albums at Ranscombe with the SolarFlares, Gaolers and Buff Medways, as well as producing albums with Jarvis Humby and the Len Price 3. For me two things are special about Ranscombe, firstly the drum room. I believe a good band sound is reliant on a great drum sound, … Read more

Babar Luck

I have recorded 4 full length musical projects with Mr. Riley, I respect and value his abilities as a producer and sound collecter. The 4 different musical projects I recorded with him all required a slightly different mindset. He did them all brilliantly. My rock/punk/prog metal band East End Trinity we did 2 musical works, the website is Ii also did a solo cd just me and guitar called The Chronicles … Read more


UpCDownC are a 15 year old mainly instrumental Rock, Delay, Riff, Kick and Moog 3-piece from Medway, Kent who also indulge in a bit of singing and screaming. 5 became 4 became 3. If mammoth sized riffs, swirling fuzzed out noise and the occasional flutter of a 70’s horror inspired synth are your thing, then you have found it. Chris – UpCDownC The following were recorded at Ranscombe Studios


James Taylor Quartet

We had good fun working with Jim, he was empathic and intuitive and able to find solutions very quickly. He has good taste in outboard gear too. He was able to easily adapt to our sound world and be versatile when mastering. Above all he got really good sounds up, quickly, this enabled us to crack on with lots of energy, it was a nice place to make a record. James … Read more

Didi Bergman

I recorded my album Dragonfly live at Ranscombe studios in 2010. It was my first time recording as a solo artist so I was nervous but Jim and Brendan are very calming and put you at your ease. We recorded and mixed 13 tracks in two days which is more than I hoped for. Jim contributed some keyboard parts to what would have been a totally acoustic guitar and vocal album. I … Read more

Sally Ironmonger

I first met Jim at Glencoe Road Primary School in the mid 1960s and I don’t really remember much about it, but it does mean that we share that Chatham cultural heritage. We walked the same streets, even though we probably saw different things. I have now recorded 3 albums of songs at Ranscombe Studio with Brian Carter (my husband/co-writer/musical director) and it has always been an amazing and positive experience. Jim … Read more

Billy Childish

Acorn Man –