Ranscombe Studios Plate Reverb

Ranscombe Studios now have a custom built plate reverb unit, built by Tim Webster and myself (Jim.) It is based on the original EMT plate designed in 1958 .


Plate reverbs were found in all top studios up untill the late 80s when digital reverbs became a more affordable option. The great thing about plate verb is that you have a totaly unique sound according to taste, and many classic studios were known for their distinctive plate reverb sound.


You can tune it to your taste depending on the song or vibe, and it sounds amazing on vocals, guitar, keys and ads a depth and space that is real and unique.  You wont find many studios left in the UK with a plate reverb.



Here we can hear and see the delightful Ms Suzi Chunk with the plate reverb unit in the background, on the recently released Groovy Uncle recording ‘Got Up and Gone’ c/w ‘Find The Morning’.



Links to info on the original EMT 140