Love, Hate and Twists of Fate

Rastko’s first album ‘Love, hate and twists of fate’ was recorded in August 2016 at Ranscombe Studios in Rochester and is released on the Vacilando ’68 label.  

Ranscombe Studios Plate Reverb

Ranscombe Studios now have a custom built plate reverb unit, built by Tim Webster and myself (Jim.) It is based on the original EMT plate designed in 1958 . Plate reverbs were found in all top studios up untill the late 80s when digital reverbs became a more affordable option. The great thing about plate verb is that you have a totaly unique sound according to taste, and many classic studios were known for … Read more

Has Your Get Up and Go …

‘GOT UP AND GONE’ b/w ‘FIND THE MORNING’ A BRAND NEW SINGLE RELEASE FROM SUZI CHUNK ON LIMITED EDITION 7″ ORANGE VINYL! Once again in collaboration with Groovy Uncle songwriter Glenn Prangnell, the new, groovy single from Suzi Chunk- recorded earlier this year at Ranscombe Studios – follows on from the highly acclaimed ‘Look Back And Laugh’ (2012) and ‘Barefoot In The Car Park’ (2014). Release date: 1/9/16    Label: Trouserphonic    Cat No: … Read more

Stunningly good debut shot from acoustic sibling duo… There are many ways to push musical boundaries. Some artists, from Albert Ayler to Can to Sunn O))) and far beyond, do it sonically. Xylaroo are not a band in this vein. Consisting of east London-based sisters Holly and Coco Chant, their music dramatically sparks listeners’ sensibilities through other means. On one level their strummed pop could be dismissed as something a friend might come up with, off the cuff, around … Read more

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