They don’t make them like they used to….

Medway’s Glenn Prangnell is a bloody genius. I’ve absolutely no idea how many years this guy has spent on this planet but he’s spent that time soaking up the sounds of the 60’s and 70’s, not just from the beat-boom era this writer had initially slotted him into but from other genres as well from Northern Soul to film soundtracks and everything in-between.

‘A Clip Round the Ear’ (even the title will have those of a certain age grinning) is Groovy Uncle’s sixth album and is housed in yet another brilliant sleeve perfectly depicting the sounds within. I just hope that ‘The Beano’-inspired image that adorns the pre-release CD we have here is going to be part of the vinyl album sleeve too, if ever an album should be bought because of the sleeve art…

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Lurching behemoth…

Progressive post-metal / horror-synth / sludge act Upcdownc release their new album I, Awake on 22nd September. Following 17 years of producing constant heavy, instrumental, fuzzy noise this will be the band’s first album as a 3 piece.  The change in personnel and dynamics led to the band taking a new approach to their song writing, looking at it from an alternate angle and with it bringing a fresh perspective.

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