Songs that you didn’t know you knew…

It happens very rarely, but when it does it honestly shocks you. The phrase… Why haven’t I heard of this band before???? Such it is with … Read the full article here Mods Of Your Generation Target Radio

Mysterious Medway Nuggets and Snippets

The writing and performing of songs is a mysterious thing. The things that you expect to work sometimes don’t, and then sometimes little nuggets of gold come out of nowhere. Sometimes a song appears waving a flag and demanding attention, and sometimes it is like trying to squeeze toothpaste back into the tube. The songs that we are drawn to tend to be like Sketches, in the Dickensian sense, little snippets of … Read more

Intangibility. Yearning. Melancholy.

Review re-blog courtesy of the wonderful folks at Intangibility. Yearning. Melancholy. If Theatre Royal had a penny for every instance of reaching for the unreachable, desiring the unobtainable, losing the unwinnable, they would be as rich as kings. Almost inevitably, that won’t happen. And so we come to their latest EP, Incidental Friend. Wistful, regretful, achingly dissatisfied, the four new songs cover familiar Theatre Royal ground. But, as ever, there’s a … Read more

Incidentally …

It’s not very often that a band appears on the music scene, one hundred per cent ‘ready.’ Rochester band Theatre Royal are one. I have been banging about them from virtually day one, and now, ahead of their fifth album release, due early next year, they have confirmed my faith with their excellent new ‘Incidental Friend‘ EP. Read the full Loud Horizon review  here…  

Redemption Review – Borough Blues

I was extremely fortunate on Thursday the 15th August to be present when local Kent band Big River presented their new Album to a busy and appreciative crowd at Leo’s Red Lion, Gravesend. This is probably one of the best debut albums I can remember, if I’m perfectly honest. But then they are extremely talented and seasoned musicians as well as having one of the best in Jim Riley from Ranscombe Studios to … Read more

The Abjects – PASTE Magazine Review

Purists can mourn the death of punk’s “golden age” all they want and sneer at whatever the kids are listening to these days, but they can’t claim great punk records aren’t being released in 2019. Below you’ll find 10 exceptional punk releases, each with their own spin on whatever punk means in this current era. Fans of noise-punk, garage-punk, pop-punk, hardcore-punk and more will rejoice at the wide variety of strains represented … Read more

Loud Horizon – Theatre Royal Review

Another great review of  the latest Theatre Royal’s  release, Singles 2010-18, by Cee Tee Jackson at Loud Horizon… I can’t believe it’s been nine years since Loud Horizon first featured Medway band, Theatre Royal. At that point, I think they had only produced a couple of rough demos. But even at very embryonic stage, it was very obvious that here was a quality band in the making. A few months later, October 2010, and … Read more

Indie Buddie Review – Fish In The Sea

The Word UK have released their new EP ‘Fish In The Sea’. The Word (UK) are a Pop Rock band from Medway, Kent. They first got together in 2017 due to their mutual love for The Beatles (the name was taken from a Beatles song), which sums up the band well – these four lads aspire to write and perform music to the same standard as the biggest bands around, past and … Read more

A Very British Blues Explosion – Reviewage

…”Jim Riley’s Blues Foundation’s album is a fantastic collection of original and covered songs. So I thought I should write something about it.” Stephe Morris Read the full article by Stephe here on Purchase the album on vinyl or compact disc from the Trouserphonic Records Online Shop