The Teamsters

The Teamsters – Play Along With … What do we have here sir? The Teamsters have come up with a little musical contribution as of late to enlighten the populace entitles Play Along With The Teamsters. These lads are the real deal. And as we venture into the world that is The Teamsters, a recollection of bands of historical precedent echo in our ears. Needless to say hints of Beatles, Kinks, Kaisers … Read more

Hagar The Womb

Hagar the Womb first used Ranscombe when we recorded our 2016 single Hated By The Daily Mail (split with Anthrax) for Grow Your Own Records, and a track Showing Off for the GYO compilation Birds Of A Feather, Flock Together. We returned last year to record the tracks for our just released 10” EP Hagitate, also on GYO. We are painfully unrehearsed because we are all scattered around the country and can’t … Read more

Big River

Modern Heavy Blues Rock, no frills, no nonsense, great riffs, memorable hooks, melody and groove.

Seager & Carter

Seager & Carter is a fine and bluesy duo featuring Gary Seager and Terry Carter. They both run their own well-established bands and have been active on the Kent music scene for 20+ years. Gaz plays acoustic and resonator guitars – and also runs Bad Pennies. Terry sings and plays harmonica – and also runs Get Carter. They recorded their promo EP – Making Tracks – at Ranscombe Studio in August 2018. … Read more

Bad Pennies

After recording several demos at Ranscombe Studios, Bad Pennies chose Jim Riley to record their debut album – Songs from the Medway Delta in 2018. A blues rock album with a wide range of styles – from out-and-out rockers to shuffles, minor blues, acoustic and harmonica tracks. Jim Riley captured it all and the result is a signature sound that really represents the band well.  Songs from the Medway Delta has been … Read more

Broken Banjo